Habit: Healthy Breakfasts

Smoothie and oatmeal - habit: healthy breakfast

For me, breakfast has always been low on my list of priorities. I tend to skip breakfast most days. I simply don’t feel hungry. When lunchtime rolls around, I start to feel a grumble or two, but never before then. And, if I do happen to, say, eat a breakfast taco or two early, I’ll be starving before it gets anywhere near time to have lunch. I know I’m not the only one, and my issue has been addressed time and time again.

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Adding Healthy Habits and Routines

More than anything, our habits frame our everyday lives, and for those who choose to live simply, it’s no exception. We wake in the morning and fall into our routines – showering, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, making breakfast…. When adding healthy habits, like drinking enough water throughout the day, or exercising for 20 minutes each morning, or writing in a gratitude journal, for the first few weeks, you’ll have to remind yourself to practice them. Eventually, though, they’ll become routine, just like showering and brushing your teeth.

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Welcome to Live Simply!

So often in the mundane busyness and minutia of day-to-day life, we get caught up, swept away by what seems important at the moment, but is really just keeping us from living a truly meaningful and joyful life. We have trouble seeing beyond the bills, the commute, the packed schedules, the morning rush…. Living simply stands in eloquent contrast.

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