Simple Learning – Unschooling

Boy Stacking Stones - Unschooling

My son (17 years old) and I are natural learners, or unschoolers.  Unschooling is a way of learning that fits comfortably into a life that focuses on authenticity and simplicity. Unschooling is child-led and interest-driven.  It is allowing children the freedom to explore their world and providing them, as much as possible, with the means to learn from their environment.

“So, you’re not his teacher, then….”

Well, yes I am. He learns many, many things from me. He asks me questions, he discusses things with me, he debates me. We talk. A lot. I bring him things I think will interest him. I keep an eye out for books, movies, websites, articles, games, magazines, exhibits, and people to feed his passions. He assumes I will do these things for him. He knows I will use the power I have as an adult to make the world more accessible to him. Yes, I am his teacher.

But, so is every person he meets, the neighborhood pool, our community, the pets we own, the Internet, the books he reads, the artwork he sees, every insect that catches his interest, the music that surrounds him, trees, television, dirt, stores, every place he visits, every thing he notices.

Teachers are everywhere. In fact, my son, himself, is a teacher – an amazing, inspiring teacher.